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We provide innovative visual equipment that rivals complex and expensive lighting and fountain equipment.

     System Benefits​:

  • Modular and expandable plug in place equipment.

  • Safe, Low voltage,  daisy-chained runs to each fixture.   

  • All show programming is preinstalled to match your layout.

  • All controls and settings are done with a wireless remote.

  • Weather, power and water usage monitoring.

  • Innovative hand sensor arrays allow for spectator control.

  • Preprogrammed seasonal lighting colors.

  • Music recognition software automatically creates lighting and water effects that match the feel and rhythm of of the music.



Music Recognition

Ease of use

Easy Installation: 

Equipment installation is similar to installing  low voltage landscape lighting. It is safe and easy to install.  First, run wire along the path where you wish to install your lighting.  Then simply pinch on to the power wire where it is needed. Now communication to the main controller is accomplished wirelessly.  The main Controller is a small, weatherproof, enclosure with an integrated OLED display.


Ease of Use:

Controls and system settings such as automatic Start/Stop times are controlled with a handheld wireless remote.  Pre-programmed dynamic lighting effects create interesting light shows automatically. Play your favorite songs and this control system will bring the feel and mood of that music to life with lighting and/or water effects to create your private paradise.

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